We are the voice of our rivers.

Our Purpose

Calgary River Valleys (CRV) is an independent, not-for-profit, volunteer-led organization, dedicated to building a strong and effective voice for river valleys protection and water quality in Calgary.

Our principal purpose is to “champion and engage the public in the protection, appreciation and stewardship of Calgary’s rivers, creeks, wetlands and watershed resources.”

CRV brings together the diverse communities, businesses, environmental non-governmental organizations and levels of government interested in protecting Calgary river valleys. Urban development and human recreational activities can cause cumulative effects that harm natural processes and habitats in the river valleys.

Through collaboration these organizations can anticipate effects and make plans that protect and/or restore natural processes and habitats.

Our principles of stewardship include advertising and promoting CRV activities; partnering with groups such as The City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, Bow River Basin Council, community associations, etc; raising funds; and interacting with other stakeholders on projects and processes in accordance with our vision, mission and objectives.

We are the voice of our rivers.


Our vision is that Calgary’s river valleys, watershed resources and riparian areas are protected by citizen stewardship and by appropriate City policies.


Calgary River Valleys vigorously supports the integrity of local rivers, creeks, reservoirs and wetlands.  We engage organizations and citizens in building awareness and the strong sense of community ownership needed to steward and sustain our watershed resources for future generations.  We are committed to the growth of community and civic responsibility, public education, and the highest standards in urban environmental policy, planning and implementation.

Organizational Objectives

The Members of Calgary River Valleys have adopted three strategic objectives to focus our core operational and organizational activities.  These strategies are intended to achieve the Mission and Vision, which are consistent with the Society Bylaws, though establishing a broader reference:

Objective 1

Community Education & Engagement: 
To provide education regarding the value and significance of Calgary’s river valleys, watershed resources, and riparian areas.

Objective 2

Environmental Stewardship: 
To protect the natural environment and its functional contributions to the ecosystem.

Objective 3

Research & Citizen Science: 
To conduct and support research, applied field work & citizen science on the river valleys, watershed resources, and riparian areas in and around Calgary.

Download the Calgary River Forum Society Bylaws, revised as of April 20, 2016 (362 KB PDF)