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City of Calgary Planning & Development Map

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The City of Calgary has created an online map of current Planning & Development applications that is available to the public.  The information is provided by the City for anyone to research individual applications and participate in the development and planning process.  The website shows Re-designation (or Re-zoning) Applications and Development Permit Applications.  We have been advised that the City plans in the near future to also upload information about Subdivision Applications.

To navigate the map, in the upper left hand side, you can search by (see graphic below):

  • the application file number, if you know it,
  • the address of the location
  • the community or neighbourhood of the location
  • the Ward of the location, or you can also just zoom in on a location on the map






On the map itself, some areas have green circles with a number within them.  These indicate there are multiple applications in that same general area, and the number indicates how many.  To see the multiple applications, you need to zoom in on the map by either double-clicking on the map area on the site, or using the “+” button (a black square) near the top right of the screen.  Once you have zoomed in far enough, each application will be represented by its own icon.  Click on the icon to see a pop-up window containing the information for that site, such as:

  • the address(es) for the application,
  • the file number,
  • the name of the applicant (the developer),
  • the date the application was submitted,
  • the status of the application (i.e. Submitted, Under Review, Planning Commission, Hearing Scheduled, Approved, etc),

You can also click on the red button at the bottom of the pop-up window for the application you are checking in order to find out more information on that application.  This will open a new web page that provides additional information, such as:

  • what the application is about,
  • the existing designation for the site,
  • the proposed new designation for the site,
  • the steps in the planning process and where this application is in the process,
  • if applicable, there will also be a link to provide comment or send input (“Share your thoughts”) on the application to the City Planner, which will then also allow you to upload any relevant files or documents from your computer regarding the application,
  • links to related Supporting Information documents that you may want to review (such as the Land Use Bylaw, the Calgary Municipal Development Plan, etc),
  • as well as the name, job title, and contact information for the City Planner who is handling that application.

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