We are the voice of our rivers.

Education, Communications and Outreach: Terms of Reference (TOR)

In accordance with its Bylaws, the CRV established this Standing Committee to host and support informed dialogue; to promote a greater understanding of Calgary’s river valleys, watershed resources and/or riparian areas; and to create opportunities for CRV members, specifically targeted audiences and the broad Calgary community to engage in watershed appreciation and stewardship activities.

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Past Events

Bow River Float with Calgary City Council, Planning Commission and Others

Dear members of Calgary City Council,

On behalf of Calgary River Valleys (CRV) Board of Directors, I’d like to thank you for making time to join us for our guided tour of Harvie Passage and float down the Bow River. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Calgary’s irreplaceable rivers and natural resources.

The Bow and Elbow Rivers are central to life here in Calgary, but human activities influence their health as well.

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