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Input to City Planning Decisions – Updated

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Calgary River Valleys has been very active recently in providing input to the City of Calgary’s planning process for multiple projects.  These are in various stages of the decision-making process.

At the recent City Council hearing on March 20, 2017, Council approved the land use change proposal for the Highland Park valley, with some minor changes made on the floor of Council to the municipal reserve (park) land allocated. The revised Outline Plan will be going back to Calgary Planning Commission for review and approval in the Fall of 2017.

These lands are located in the historical valley of Confederation Creek and its tributaries which flow to Nose Creek. Back in the 1960s the creek was channelized inside an underground vault starting in Confederation Park, and running to Nose Creek through these lands.   These lands also include two wetlands fed by artesian springs.

CRV’s concerns regarding this proposal have included, among others, the following:

  • the legal status of the creek and its historical bed and shores has not been properly addressed; we believe it should be considered Crown land owned by the Province,
  • these lands have served as the drainage area for an area larger than 15 square km, reaching to Nose Hill Park, and the proposal calls for the filling in of the valley which will significantly impact the flooding risk in the surrounding areas,
  • the proposal calls for the destruction of the two wetlands on site, which appear to be sustainable and not “temporary” as they have been categorized in the developer’s report,
  • the proposal calls for the destruction of 500+ mature trees that act as living infrastructure to absorb a very large amount of both rainfall and groundwater,
  • City Administration has failed to take Environmental Reserve lands on this property, and
  • City Administration has failed to uphold a large number of its own policies in recommending approval of this land use change proposal.

To download a copy of the series of letters submitted by CRV to the City regarding this proposal since 2015, click here.  The Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) hearing is open to the public to attend for observation only; there is no opportunity for public input at the CPC hearing.

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