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CRV 10 Tweet Pulls

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Almost 2,500 observations posted so far in the Calgary City Nature Challenge! A good number, but only 110 people have made all those observations. We need more people to get out in the next two days and record our local biodiversity. inaturalist.ca/projects/city-… Retweeted by CalgaryRiverValleys

Heading into day 2 of #CityNatureChallenge! We'll have nice weather again so get out there and make some iNaturalist posts! Document your yards and favorite parks! #yyc #Calgary Retweeted by CalgaryRiverValleys

🌻#CityNatureChallenge 2022! 🦎April 29-May 2: Find & photograph wildlife 🔎May 2-May 8: Identify what was found 2021: 419 cities shared 1 MILLION+ observations of nature in their neighborhoods. Get your cameras ready for 2022! #CommunityScience #UrbanNature #NatureIsEverywhere Retweeted by CalgaryRiverValleys

Save the Date! Calgary River Valleys AGM - May 18, 2022 - mailchi.mp/8a09b23540f7/s…

#citizensciencemonth has been going strong in Alberta this April! April 29-May 2 is your chance to make as many observations as you can in your local CNC event: #Edmonton, #RedDeer, #Calgary, and #lethbridge! Retweeted by CalgaryRiverValleys

CRV's Annual General Meeting is coming up. We are looking for passionate and engaged #citizens for our board. Do join us! @WaterPortal Portal @elbow_watershed @BowRiverWPAC @fish_creek @nose_creek @FOCCAssociation Please RT. Thank you! mailchi.mp/8a09b23540f7/s…

The 4th annual City Nature Challenge event is April 29-May 2! Document flora & fauna in #YYC, taking photos and uploading them to the iNaturalist app or to iNaturalist.ca.

Exciting news!🎉 A critically endangered western lowland gorilla was born early this morning to first time gorilla parents, “Dossi” & “Jasiri”. All are doing well - with great early mothering skills being shown by Dossi! Learn more: bit.ly/3jYOeFr 🦍🍼 #YYCGorillaBaby Retweeted by CalgaryRiverValleys

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