Confederation Creek

This Calgary creek was paved over and treated as stormwater — now activists want it to see the light

The watershed was first crafted by glacial melt thousands of years ago. Its tributaries run under what’s now Brentwood, Charleswood and Brisebois Drive — all paved over.

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High hopes for Elbow River brown trout after devastating 2013 flood

River watchers are hoping this year’s brown trout count in the Elbow River continues to show growth after the 2013 Alberta flood had a devastating effect on the population.

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Elbow River brown trout numbers holding steady, annual count reveals

Brown trout numbers in the Elbow River are holding steady, which is good news considering spawning ground counts plummeted after the flood four years ago.

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Place Identity: Urban Water and the Anthropocene

This project is about urban identity, water in cities and resilience. It is the end deliverable for my fellowship with the School of Cities.

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